Editing Service

I love editing almost as much as I love writing. Okay, sometimes I love editing more than writing. But, anywho, I am currently accepting editing requests.

Here’s what I charge:

0.005 cents per word. That means if you have a 50k word manuscript it would cost you $250. Half that amount is due up front and half at the end of the edit. When I get your first payment via PayPal, I will begin the edit. Your final payment is due 7 days after you receive your last edit.

Here’s how I do it:

Round one is a content edit. I’ll look deep into your story structure and make sure your pacing is up to speed. I’ll look for consistency within your story to make sure your character’s eyes don’t change color halfway through the story. I will send you back your story and let you fix it. When you’re ready, send it back for round two.

Round two is a line edit. This is where I polish up your sentences and wording to make your prose shine. I will check for awkwardly worded sentences, repetition, or overused words or phrases. Have you ever noticed how easy it is to add the word “that” too many times in your story? I’ll be tackling those pesky guys.

Round three is the final proofread. This is where I check for grammar mistakes like missing commas, misspelled words, missing words, and run-on sentences.

Don’t want all three services? Contact me at cindyrayhale@gmail.com, and we’ll talk prices.

Interested? Contact me about your project, and I’ll let you know if it’s a good fit for me. I write YA Contemporary Romance and read mostly YA of all genres, but I also enjoy romance, excluding erotica. If everything sounds great and we’re a good fit, then I’d be happy to give you a sample edit of the first ten pages of your manuscript.